Seven Thoughts for Seven Days

Holly Hartley
7 min readApr 8, 2020
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We live in strange and unpredictable times, and it’s perfectly healthy at the moment to feel a little lost and off-balance. We exist in suspended animation, as we sit this thing out, hoping that it will pass quickly with the least amount of suffering possible.

The truth is that we are living history. There’s no one standing in the wings to tell us what to expect. This kind of uncertainty can be unnerving and can make people feel anxious and vulnerable.

For those isolated at home, struggling to juggle new routines and find an ‘interim normal,’ the pressure can be overwhelming. The changes to our working day, the lack of structure, and the constant juggle of family life and working from home can have a significant impact on our mental wellbeing.

Those people who live alone are likely to feel more isolated than ever, and critical workers, operating on the front line, may feel both emotionally and physically exhausted.

Many of us will find our minds more restless than usual at the moment as we struggle to find balance, perspective and peace. We may find ourselves worrying more often, and some may feel confused, uncertain, and unsafe. This is all perfectly normal.

Outlined below at seven thoughts for seven days to help direct the thoughts of an overly anxious or wandering mind. Read through them at the start and choose one to do each day. There is no set order.

You can use these short exercises can in several ways. Use them as journal prompts or to aid a short meditation over your morning coffee. You can stick them on your refrigerator door or simply ponder them throughout your day when you find your mind drifting to more negative places. You can even modify them and complete them with your kids. The most important thing is to take action on each of them, no matter how small.

Remember, you are not alone. We are all in this together.

Thought Exercise 1: This is your life. Live in the now.

Many of us live a state of perpetual ‘waiting.’ We are waiting for that thing that will suddenly unlock complete happiness in our lives.

But this is it. This is your life right now. Write this sentence down somewhere to remind you…

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